• Smart Sensor Towbar System
    Innovative CONTACTLESS electrical connection system for towbar application on all vehicles.
  • Plug & Play Towbar Harness
    Plug and play electrical towbar systems are developed to match a diverse range of vehicles types. Different automotive connectors are used for connection to the corresponding plugs of the vehicle's tail lights. Cables can ...
  • Plastic Mouldings & Castings
    • Injection Moulding
    • Tool and die making
    • Blow Moulding
    • Dip Moulding ...
  • Universal Towbar Interface
    The universal towbar interface is suitable for several types of vehicles. Cable connectors, instead of plugs are used to connect the cables to the tail lights of the towing vehicle. The product range caters ...
  • Electric Systems
    • Dual Battery Management System
    • Appliance Systems
    • Fleet Solutions
    • Tracking Security ...
  • McLogger
    This is a distance logging device for business and private kms travelled. The user can switch between business and private kms effortlessly by using a single button. Interactive PC software makes it easy to download the data ...